āRā  | OUT

Choreography: Olga Žitluhina

Dramaturgy: Inta Balode

Stage Design: Gints Gabrāns

Costume Design: Šeila

Composers: Juris Kaukulis, Kaspars Tobis

Dancers: Contemporary dance company “ĀRĀ”

Producer: Baiba Ozoliņa

Video: Ivars Veikša


Performance OUT | ĀRĀ studies the modern man’s ability to go beyond the usual comfort zone in the name of a higher purpose.

In the process of generating ideas as the literary source of the performance was taken Henrik Ibsen’s “Brand” – a masterpiece of classic drama. The performance does not follow the story-line of the drama closely, yet in the process of creation of the performance the chrestomatic Brand’s motto, “Be forgiven – if you were not able, but never – if you did not want,” has become the key driving force. Isn’t it so that nowadays  at some stage of life each of us has to win the battle with the darkness, climb the mountain and fall in pits, out of which each one has to climb out again? Will the participants of the performance get out of the familiar mental and physical comfort zone in the name of art? And is such a sacrifice necessary at all?

The idea of the performance as one of the 4 winners in the competition of 99 rival projects was recognized by the jury of the International Ibsen Scholarships 2013. 

During annual Latvian Theater Awards 2014 “OUT” received two awards – Best Contemporary Dance Performance and Best Set Designer of the year. Successfully tours in Latvia and also has been performed in Lithuania.