Installation in Dance and Photo (2020)

Installation in Dance and Photo “RE VERA” – is about mature relationships, about being together, about being in one tempo. If we are together, important is just going to one goal in one speed. We are exploring both: concept of movement and philosophically – what is one speed, being in one tempo, if people are so different.

This is very physical, bodily performance easily adjustable to the space, possible to realize also with minimum of stage design and technical needs, but very choreographically complex. The story, of course, is about love.

Choreography – Olga Zitluhina and dancers - Ramona Galkina and Vilnis Birins.

It comes from our actual Nordic Culture Point supported project “Lifelong Dance Practice: Project 45+” and EU Creative Europe supported continuation of the project “BET 45+” in which “Fine 5 Dance Theatre” from Estonia and “Stellaris Dance Theatre” from Norway and many other dance artists from 7 countries are involved –

Photo: Oleg Zernov